GKCTCC Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2023 (1 PM)
American Truck Historical Society, 10380 N Ambassador Dr # 101, Kansas City, MO 64153

The meeting was opened with the flag salute at 1:10 pm. There were no new guests/members.

Outgoing President, Herman Sachse, Installed the 2023 Club Officers: Justin Read as President, Herman Sachse as Treasurer, Kim Sachse as Secretary, Jon Pirie as VP1, Jeff Gast as VP2, and Lloyd Mesmer as VP3. President Justin Read presided over the meeting.

President Read sought approval of November Meeting Minutes, as published in previous newsletter. Marvin Halverson moved to accept and Wes Storm seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Herman Sachse gave the financial report. He discussed how he moved funds from UMB bank and moved them into Mutual Savings Checking Account. The UMB Bank is intended to have only the funds for the Scholarship (to include any donations from Benevity). The Mutual Account is for the rest of the funds for the club’s day to day business. The UMB Bank has $3,534.50 remaining. The Mutual Account has $10,137.71 in it. Herman also discussed the deposits/expenditures since November. Bob Antes moved to accept the financial account. Lloyd Mesmer seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

President Read discussed the Budget Report. Stated that it was similar to last year – although we agreed we should budget for a 10-20% increase on insurance; $29 increased for the Farm Show, and we are now budgeting $2500 for the Scholarship. President Read stated that our insurance is renewed on May 21st, and is currently at $1,136.00 per year now (Base Insurance plus the number of events at about $25 per event and $1.75 per member.) He anticipates it to go up to $1300-$1400 range. President Read discussed the insured events and that it was approved by board for 29 events and they are listed in the newsletter as well as on the website. He reminded everyone that the person in charge is listed in newsletter/to call them with questions on the events, such as where to meet, etc. Other (non-insured) events are listed on the website. If any dates need updating, let Justin know of any updates. We will vote on list at the April meeting (since the insurance renews in May).

Western Farm Show plans were discussed by President Read and Tina Neu. We will move our tractors and display in on Tuesday, February 21st, expected around 2 pm, based on weather. Our theme this year is LP tractors – Lloyd will bring his 620 and Herman will bring his original 3020….to show inclusive of newer generation of tractors….and hopefully gain more members. Type E, 1923 engine will be there as well. President Read asked for other small equipment that anyone may be interested in displaying. Lloyd has a 2 hole corn sheller he will bring. Toys will be there and a DVD will be playing. Blankets/quilts to display. The show will run 9-5 FRI/SAT (Feb. 24/25); 9-4 SUN (Feb. 26) and move out after it’s done. If anyone is interested to help work the book, they will have badges up in the booth and we can get more. One can always call one of the Board Members to get assistance/badges to enter.

Read discussed upcoming meetings:

*April 2, 2023 will be the next club meeting, to include Barbecue to start at 1 pm in the Administration Building at the Ag Hall. Wes donated $250 towards the expense of the BBQ.

*June 4, 2023 – Club meeting AND club auction at the Sachse Farm to start at 1 pm. More info to follow. Sachse address is 28290 203 rdStreet, Leavenworth, KS 66048. If you have items to donate to the club auction, please bring them. Kim suggested that if the ladies/guests are interested, after the meeting and start of the club auction, they could drive to Leavenworth (15 minutes) and tour the Carroll Mansion, an 1880’s Victorian house featuring elaborate handcrafted woodwork/stained glass windows and elegant antiques from the Victorian era. It does have ties to the Sachse farm – Lucien Scott (the richest man in Kansas at the time), who owned the Mansion, in the mid-1880’s , and redecorated it in the Victorian décor, used to raise cattle on what is now the Sachse farm. Kim also noted – the museum will be air conditioned!

*Nov 5, 2023 – Our last club meeting is at Ag Hall and will hold our annual Picnic

John Pirie discussed the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday, March 12 thin Shawnee, KS. Watch Facebook and our website for updates. Typically, we arrive around 9 am, and drive up to Johnson Dr/Monorovia for the 11 AM lineup. The parade is at 1 pm.

Lloyd Mesmer discussed his disappointment in that the Plow Day could not be held last year, but he had magnets he was going to hand out then, so he shared them with everyone. Lloyd Mesmer discussed the upcoming Ag. Hall Tractor Cruise which will be held on May 6. He plans to start the cruise at the Basehor Linwood HS. He planned a 9 mile run before the morning break, another 7 miles to lunch at the former Jarbolo Methodist Church. They will then leave there and have an afternoon break, finishing at the HS. It’s roughly a 34.8 mi drive. Hilltop is reserved for serving us lunch, with basically the same menu as last year, unless we want to make changes.

John Pirie discussed the Raffle and Scholarship Fund Update. He said to offset the cost of the raffle, he has reached out to Heritage Tractor and Safety Made Simple. In the past, they’ve given us $500 each and are considering for this year. Scholarship amounts will be the same as in past. He planned to start the raffle at the end of summer and pull winners in Nov meeting.

President Read provided Service Gifts/Keychains to past board members, and those involved in some of our events. Wes Storm, GA Salmon, Jon and Michelle Pirie, Jay Pruett, Herman Sachse, Lloyd Mesmer, and Kim Sachse.

Motion to pay the $50 to American Truck Historical Society for the use of their facilities for the meeting was made by Herman Sachse and seconded by Lloyd Mesmer. Motion passed unanimously.

Adjournment….Herman Sachse made the motion to adjourn and seconded by Bob Antes. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 2:01 pm.

Kim Sachse, Secretary