Blue Springs Parade  Sept. 17, 2011

Blue Springs, Mo.

The East Side Tractor Guys and Gals were out in full force on Saturday, Sept. 17th for the Blue Springs Parade.  A little rain but a great time was had by all.  Participants in the parade included: Charles Eagleburger (JD 5103), Steve Eagleburger (JD B),Ron Brittain (JD 830), Matt Willier (IH 1206),Jerry and Bev Lee (JD B),Steve Such land (JD D),Don Casper (IH SM), Randy Plattner (JD G), David Johnston (JD 630),George Jones (Allis WC), Troy Alderson (IH C), Wayne Alderson (IH H SM), Bob Antes (JD 630), Ken and Dylan ( JD 530), Gary and Zack Antes (IH B), Dan Hanna (IH H) and Wes Storm (JD A).  The kids along the parade route had big smiles and loved the noise of the “old iron”.  The 18 tractors were a great sight to see.  A big thanks to all who attended. 


P.S.--Rumor has it that a club member’s wife bought a tractor at the parade today.  It is a nice looking tractor.  I guess you could say that we had 19 tractors there today.