Blue Springs Parade
The East Side Tractor Guys were out in full force at The Blue Springs Fall Fun Fest Parade on September 15, 2012 . We had 22 tractors drivers and  4 assistant drivers on the Parade route. It was a beautiful day and there were 15l,000 spectators. We had old tractors from 1935 to an all most new one. The following were represented Randy Plattner- JD A, Dan Hanna - JD  B,John Peterson - Porche Super, Trevor Beaford - JD 60, Glen Ratzlaff -  JD  A, Ron Brittain - IH 1206 and a JD 830, Bob Antes and Addison - JD 630, Sharon Antes and Shelby - Farmall B, Gary Antes and Zach - JD 430, Ken Antes and Dylan - JD 530, Charles Eagleburger - JD A, Andy Eagleburger - JD 5103, Steve Eagleburger - IH SM, Jerry Miller - JD BR, Don Miller - JD MT, Terry Yogle  - JD B, Francis Brenner - JD B, Phil Addison - JD 420, Tim Simmons - Farmall Cub, George Reed - JD 630 and Wes Storm - JD D. We want to mention we had a new member, Please welcome Francis Brenner to the Club. A great time was had by all. Wes .