GKCTCC Meeting/Auction - November 6, 2011

Adrian, Mo

The GKCTCC meeting/auction was held on Sunday, November 6, 2011, 2:00 p,m. at the Pioneer Village in Adrian, Mo.  There was a large turnout (41) for the event on a nice day with many people bringing treasures to be auctioned and the same people to buy other people’s treasures.  All in all, it appears the club auction took in around $850-$900.  Speaking of money, the raffle drawing was held at the beginning of the auction.  Winners included: (Richard Miller - $500), (Brad Hrabik - $100) (Chris Waugh - $100) (Richard Alexander - $100) and ( Robert Mansfield - $200 -- name drawn twice)  Topics covered during the meeting included: introduction of new member (Stan Tracz), a financial report, approval of slate of officers for 2012 (same as 2011), budget committee 2012, donations/ fund-raisers, schedule of dates for 2012, Western Farm Show (display tractors w/implements and 2 row corn planter),  Ag Hall Tractor Cruise, Tractor Daze, Gathering of the Green display (Ken Buell) and tractor for 2012 button (2012 - club tractor w/cultivator),  (2013 – JD R - Duane Spieker) (2014 - JD 320 - Bryce York).  Door prizes were won by Harold Kurzweil and Gloria Eagleburger.  Thanks to everyone for coming with a special thank you to Duane Craig for hosting the group, Ken Buell and Bary Porter for putting their auctioneer skills in action and Sabrina Rasa for clerking.  It was a great ending for the club this year.