Meeting 6 5 2011 at Ag Hall of Fame

GKCTCC Picnic/Meeting-June 5, 2011

National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame

The weather was hot but we were cool in the “Red Barn” at the Ag. Hall on Sunday, June 5, 2011 for a picnic (1:00 p.m.) and meeting (2:00 p.m.).  It is hard to determine what brought out a great attendance (45)-----the air conditioning, the delicious food or both.  Whatever the reason, hopefully everyone had a good time.  Following the picnic, the meeting covered such topics as:  approval of April 3rd meeting minutes, a financial report, 2011 budget information that included a fundraiser,  Dream Factory Tractor Cruise follow up, Tractor Daze (July 8-9), American Royal Parade (Sept. 17), Missouri State Fair Parade (Aug. 11) and the Nov. 6 club meeting/ white elephant auction in Adrian, Mo.  Thanks to the Ag. Hall for providing a cool place to meet and to everyone coming out on a hot day.