Missouri State Fair Parade--Aug. 11, 2011

Sedalia, MO.

WOW! What a parade with 18 tractors in action on a beautiful day on Thursday, Aug. 11th at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, MO.  The parade started at 6:00 p.m. with a variety of floats, bands, antique cars, motorcycles, tractors and mooooooore tractors.  There seemed to be a large crowd this year probably due to the nice weather.  Club members and others bringing tractors included: Miles Wolfe (Oliver 1900), Steve Eagleburger (JD A), Charles Eagleburger (JD B), Wendell Starkebaurn (JD 530), Jim Arnote (JD 420), Andrew DuBois (JD A), Bill Eagleburger JD 320), Dan Hanna (Farmall Super H), Don Hrabik (JD 430 W), Glenn Ratzlaff (JD A), Lawrence Walters (JD 60), Harold Kurzweil (JD 630 Row Crop), Jason Kurzweil (JD 630 Wheatland), Wes Storm (JD AR), Jared Arnote (JD B), Ronald Brittain (JD 830), Doyle Brittain (Farmall 1206), and Mike Corum (JD 730). Following the loading of the tractors the group enjoyed a buffet dinner at Ryan’s restaurant. Guess who hit a coyote on the return home --- the answer will be available at the American Royal Parade on Saturday, Sept. 17th. Thanks to everyone for coming out and enjoying the afternoon and evening.


P.S.---Bill Eagleburger received a telephone call indicating the club won 1st place in the parade, again.  WOW!