Old Settlers Parade--Sept. 10, 2011

Olathe, Kansas

A small group of the GKCTCC participated in the Old Settlers Parade on Sept. 10, 2011 in Olathe, KS.  It had rained the day before but Saturday the weather was beautiful so all we had to do is wipe off the spots.  The parade, as advertised, is the largest in Kansas as was evidenced by the thousands along the parade route.  Club members in the parade included:  Don Hrabik (JD 430 W with plow), Paul Antes (JD JD 630 with plow), Jim Arnote (JD 420 T), Earl Knuth (JD 430 U) and Kim Phillips (JD 420 W).  Justin Read and Dalamar dropped by to take pictures and push any tractors that needed help.