Overbrook, KS. Parade--August 12, 2011


The GKCTCC was represented at the Overbrook,  Kansas Parade on Friday , August 12.   Phil Addison drove Wes Stormís JD 420, Wes Storm drove Steve Suchsland's JD H, and Steve Suchland drove the K-State Purple JD D.   Riding on the D were John Diddie and Sabrina Rasa from Overland Park, KS, along with Luke and Thaddeus Friese from Hoxie, Kansas.  It was a fitting end to a long hot summer as rain fell from the skies during the entire parade.   Drivers, riders and tractors received a nice shower.  It was also discovered that some candy wrappers were not water proof.   Despite the rain, everyone had a good time.

Steve Suchland