Powell Gardens Tractor Show---Sept. 30/Oct. 1-2, 2011

Kingsville, Mo.

WOW!  We had three days of excitement with perfect weather.  The GKCTCC was out in force for the tractor show at Powell Gardens on Sept. 30/Oct.1-2, 2011 since John Deere was the featured tractor.  Many other tractors along with other displays were also on display----in fact it appeared the end of a rainbow was set over Powell Gardens over the weekend.  Highlights of the show included tractor games, parade of power, kids pedal tractor pull, adult pedal tractor pull, blue grass music, corn shelling, making of apple butter, hayrides, train rides, along with children’s activities such as face painting and paint a pumpkin.  Club members displaying tractors included:  Harold Kurzweil (4), Wes Storm (5), Don Hrabik (1), Bob Antes (5 and 1939 Chev. Pickup), Bob Surber (1), Bill Eagleburger (1), Charles Eagleburger (1), John Didde (1), Glenn Ratzlaff (2), Wendell Starkebaum (1), Kenny Hooper (2) and Ron Brittain (2). Winners of the tractor games included: David Maddox (AC), Kenny Hooper (JD), Harold Kurzweil (JD), Glen Ratzlaff (JD), Bob Antes (JD) and Bob Surber (JD)  GA Salmon (1) and Bary Porter (1). .  Thanks to everyone who participated in the show including the cookie lady.  Thanks also to the Powell Gardens staff for providing an outstanding tractor show in a beautiful setting.


P.S.  Whose tractor broke down at the tractor show and had to be hauled away?.


Hey John come here I got a secret I want to tell you!!!!!!




Congratulations Glen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!