Second Plow Day--Nov. 15, 2011

Buckner, Mo.

The Prez. And Wes Storm had a personal plow day on Nov. 15th north of Buckner Mo.  It seems they finished up the field that had been partially plowed earlier in the month by other tractors and horses.  The weather was great and the ground was perfect for plowing.  Over all they plowed around 15 acres in approximately five hours.  The Prez. had his JD 430 W and two bottom plow while Wes Storm had his JD G and three bottom plow.  Dan Hanna and Bob Antes came by to observe and assist as needed.  It is amazing what a person can plow up in a field--Wes Storm plowed up Glenn Ratzlaff’s billfold that he had lost two years ago.  It didn’t appear to have any money in it so it is likely Wes won’t be getting a tip.


Don Hrabik