Thank You letters:


To all the members of GKCTCC


A “Big Thank You” is in order for all that participated in this year’s event.  As I sit at this keyboard and try to gather my thoughts about the day that we just had, a lot of things come to my mine about being “Thankful”. The wonderful day that we had with the Blue Sky, temperatures being just right, no humidity. The good fellowship that we had being with other guys and gals that have the same interest that we have with the Tractors that we play with. We also didn’t have any incidents in which no one was caused bodily harm.

When I got home and was reminded of my Grandchildren having healthy lives. How Blessed we are for the things that we really don’t think about and that we take for granted in our everyday lives. When I see the children that we help with this event it really brings home just how blessed we all are with the things that we can do for others  and all those material things that we have  really doesn’t matter all that much when you come to think about it. I just appreciated all the guys and gals that helped  out in putting this event together!  It is a real testimony to the character of this club and the individuals that make it work. I hope that I doesn’t sound like that I’m preaching here, but I truly do appreciate everyone help in making this work! We are going the give the Dream Factory a little over $17,000 this year as I don’t have an exact figure yet because we are still getting a few checks from people. That will bring our total giving to the Dream Factory to a little over $95,000.00 for the children of Kansas City. That is just outstanding! I couldn’t be prouder. Again “Thank You”  for making this work.   


Dan Hanna   



Just want to THANK YOU for the Dream Factory Tractor Cruise. I know it has got to take lots of work from lots of people to put it all together.. You, and all the others, really did an outstanding job.!!

I really enjoyed the day and I'm sure the Dream Factory kids will too.. I'm already looking forward to next year.

Again, a "BIG THANK YOU".

Zane Livengood