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There are always questions being asked about having an event such as
"The Ag Hall Tractor Cruise". So we will share some of the more
Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers.

Q. How did the idea of the Ag Hall Tractor Cruise begin?
A. Tractors cruises have been going on for years. Many club members of 
the "Greater Kansas City Two-Cylinder Club” (GKCTCC) have participated 
in several tractor cruises in the last several years. They have 
thoroughly enjoyed an opportunity get out to drive their tractors in 
such an event and also give something back to the community. Several 
of the club members of GKCTCC had talked with several of the members 
that participated in the Tractor Cruises and thought that we could 
do this here in the Kansas City area.       


Q. What do you do if a Tractor breaks down? 
A. With the ride being approximately 39 miles, we will have a truck and trailer 
(vulture wagon) that will follow the procession of tractors and if the need arises 
they will bring the participant's tractor back to the Wilkerson Crane parking lot,
the origination point.

Q. How does the ride work and how do you raise money for "The National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame".
A. Each driver pays a $40 Registration fee to participate in the cruise. 
The registration form can be downloaded at: 
For their registration, each driver is guaranteed a spot in the line-up, is given 
a magnet, and a door prize ticket for the lunch break. There will be a lunch at Liwood, KS. 
Lunch will be free to drivers (included in registration) and cost $15 for each guest. 
The registration fee also helps cover the cost of organizing an event of this size. 
None of the organizing committee members, participants, or others involved with 
The Ag Hall Tractor Cruise receive compensation for their part — they are 
all volunteers. Also, pledge sheets are available for drivers. They are challenged 
to raise at least $100.00 in pledges and sponsors for the cruise. You can download 
the pledge sheet at the following link:
Q. Where are we starting and ending at this year?
A. For 2024 we will be starting and ending at the Wilkerson Crane 14101 Gibbs Rd., Bonner Springs KS 66012.

This is just a sampling of the questions we have been asked about our Tractor Cruise.
We'll add more Q&A at a later time...and post your questions and 
our answers here. Just e-mail the webmaster with whatever is on your mind! 

FAQ by GKCTCC Tractor Cruise committee members.

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